Monthly Archives: March 2022

A Conversation with Manhattan Transfer’s Cheryl Bentyne

Ten time Grammy winner, Cheryl Bentyne, who has been a member of Manhattan Transfer for over 40 years, shares stories of the road, recording, collaborating and openly talks about her cancer journey that took her off the road and how she hopes to continues to share that story. Cheryl’s shares her thoughts on early treatment and how second opinions can be life saving. So please join us for a lovely chat with an incredible artist who has blessed the airwaves with her voice for many years. To learn more, go to

A Conversation with Magic 106.7’s Sue Tabb!

Greg and Ed are back with a new series of conversations with some great people in the Cardinal Cafe! Our first episode of season 2 features Sue Tabb who is an on-air talent at Boston’s 106.7 morning radio team and has been in radio for nearly 20 years in the Boston market. Sue is also a recipient of two Gracie awards for her work on her “Exceptional Women” radio program. Sue chats with us about her early years in radio and an open conversation about her breast cancer journey during the pandemic. It’s a very open and honest discussion and I hope that you enjoy it. To learn more, go to